Meet Our Members

Meet the Members of Aptos Office Space

Aptos Office Space serves as the home base for many local freelancers and independent working professionals, but we also have many national clients that operate out of our location. Let’s meet some of our longest standing members and explain a little about how they use the coworking office space.

Business Directory of Coworking Clients

A-1 Auto Transport

A nationwide auto transport company that has operations all over the United States and internationally, A-1 Auto Transport was one of our inaugural members at Aptos Office Space. They have been a member for more than 5 years and have seen their business grow immensely in that time. They run a number of operations out of our Aptos office, including much of the customer service and billing for their business.





A professional moving company that specializes in long distance relocation, Long Distance Moving Companies is a full service home and office moving company that has nationwide and international operations. They connect with clients all over the world by using our network of resources and business tools.




Cross Country Moving Companies is another relocation service that operates out of our offices. They have similar services as Long Distance Moving Companies, but don’t worry, they get along fine! They even help each other out once in a while! Collaboration and community are two of our most important tenets here at Aptos Office Space.




Taylor Online Marketing


Taylor Online Marketing is an internet marketing company that works with clients all over the world. They offer a wide selection of web-based marketing solutions for businesses of all types and were one of the first members of Aptos Office Space.


One of the top moving lead providers in the industry.



One of the top auto transport lead providers in the industry.

We Transport Boats

Specializing in boat shipping services.

ATV Shipping NOW

Domestic and international all terrain vehicle transport services.

Things To Do In Santa Cruz

Local Santa Cruz information site of things to do in the area.

Friends of Aptos Office Space:

Anytime Plumbing

Best Aptos Plumbers.

202 North Ave, Aptos, CA 95003


Santa Cruz location:
3020 Prather Ln, Santa Cruz, CA 95065


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